Sarah dating game

Getting your friends involved is about much more than just building a stand-out profile.Having friends and family supporting your dating journey is invaluable – from getting opinions on potential matches to helping with outfit choices or date suggestions.

It is aimed at those over 12 years and involves two to six players.

Players, namely school children, have fun while learning life skills at the same time."Teachers and parents will find it a great ice breaker because it will help them to bring up sensitive topics and will help to expand knowledge."Viva Dating Game promotes discussion and stimulates innovative thinking and practice.

Teachers and parents can use the board game to ask thought-provoking questions and promote interest in life skills." Massyn is now in her final year of studies as a foundation phase teacher.

"Players have fun while developing their life skills through the game," Massyn said.

"Viva Dating Game brings the outside real world into the classroom and home.

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    The 90 minute class lets me teach a lesson with a good strong reinforcing activity, or I can take the time and break it into several small lessons.

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