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It is mentioned on many occasions how Yassen used to look enviously at planes that would fly over his village.However, Yassen had a far-reaching bond with his place of birth, which is revealed in the story.In the process of breaking out of the factory Yassen's father had been shot and had suffered severe injuries.A bewildered Yassen is brought up to speed and his parents vaguely reveal that they had not been working in the factory out of their own free will.The two had a great bond of friendship between them and they had smoked cigarettes together, despite being 14 at the time.

While the entire village is contaminated, Yassen alone survives, having been given the only sample of antidote which had been devised by Yassen's father, who had been one of the scientists who were responsible for the anthrax in the first place.He continues on and finds Dementyev in an old college.Rather than render assistance, Dementyev calls the police, aware that Yassen is a loose end regarding the chemical weapons development.The release date (September 2013) and title (Russian Roulette) have been announced via Twitter.Shortly after the Science Museum scene in Stormbreaker, Yassen Gregorovich, who was staying at a hotel named "The Traveller", receives an order to kill Alex Rider.

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