Rules of dating a dj

“Hang the DJ” tries to do the same thing — the triumphant climax is Frank and Amy choosing one another, and they do it by deciding to thumb their noses at the Establishment and throw it all away for one another — but in the very next breath, the episode undermines its damn-the-man sensibility.The characters who actually make a choice, the Frank and Amy who actually exercise free will, get destroyed so their real-world counterparts can abdicate the decision-making power to an algorithm.But “San Junipero” features two women making a difficult, painful, beautiful choice to be together, and that choice is enabled by the episode’s featured technology.Forced into a decision between old-school death and a virtual, potentially eternal life with a partner, tech lets Yorkie and Kelly live together for as long as they choose. It’s about love enabled by technological advancement and two people choosing one another over the world they know., the end of “Hang the DJ” offers up a closing twist that forces the audience to rethink everything they’ve seen so far.The setup and the flip work like this: Two attractive young people named Frank and Amy meet on a date, and we learn they’ve been matched together by a compatibility algorithm known as the “System.” They have a really good first date, but the System also gives their relationship a quick expiration date, so they part ways and move on to seeing other people.They’re in a crowded bar, much less sanitized and sparse than the world-size West Elm catalogue we’ve seen for most of the episode.

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In 998 of those simulations, Frank and Amy feel so dedicated to one another that they decide to rebel against the System, escape everything they know, and choose each other.

In the real world, Amy and Frank look at one another and smile, nervous and excited and hopeful about the prospect of this nearly guaranteed magic relationship.

episodes, “Hang the DJ” is most obviously in conversation with season three’s standout hour “San Junipero.” In that episode, two women named Yorkie and Kelly fall for each other in a post-death virtual-reality world, and one of them forgoes her earthly belief system, deciding instead to live forever with her new love.

They weren’t real; their whole personhood was created and destroyed so that the original versions of themselves have a chance at happiness.

That’s great news for the real Amy and Frank, but it’s a huge bummer for the Amy and Frank we’ve come to love.

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