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Peter Kafka: I’m here with Burnie Burns, the co-founder of Rooster Teeth. When I moved from New York to Texas, there were too many Michaels, so ... I was doing some serious googling before I came here. It just speaks to the same sensibilities of people who like sci-fi and geek culture. So I guess they’re going to make more Warcraft movies.

If you like this, be sure to subscribe to Recode Media on i Tunes, Google Play Music, Tune In, Stitcherand Sound Cloud. It was the first catchphrase that our audience ever latched onto. So there is this common misconception that if you don’t understand the game, you won’t like it. So no one liked it unless you were in China where it apparently made a ton of money.I figured I could go sit in film classes, or I could go make a movie, and by the time I’m done with the movie I’ve learned everything that I need to know about making movies. And in the late ’90s, the way that looked was it was independent film festivals. She was kind of like one of the first viral meme hits as a person online. So you were explaining how a viral video went viral before You Tube.So we had to take our movie, send it to a selection committee of about seven people, and they would tell us whether or not we could then show it to a room filled with 200 people. Anyway, we made this video, it went viral, people were sending it all over the place. And “viral” meant you literally sent it to someone and said, “Watch this.” That’s exactly right. We had the opportunity to sell it and we decided we wanted to hold onto the story. So then, Matt was in LA, and we had put this video up and it started getting shared all over the place.“You should go see this thing.” They spread really slowly. We have people that we talk to in the audience where most of the people who watched the early seasons of “Red vs. It actually started as a type of animation where you use 3-D engines, typically video games, and you do real-time animation.Blue,” they watched it at someone else’s house or they were handed a CD with episodes burned on it. So we can do five minutes of animation with a team of about three people, these were my buddies in Austin. Three thousand people watched the first episode, 250,000 people watched the second episode.

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