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So the fear is that it bleeds over into your personal relationship, which one of the subtle tensions in the show.A: When it's not family, you normally don't see your manager or your agent once the doors are closed.Acclimating to new wealth and young celebrity is a complicated process, not that you'd know it watching a show like "Entourage.""Survivor's Remorse," on the other hand, has no reluctance chronicling and poking fun at that process.

Who else is looking out for your interests better than people who love you? A: Listen, I remember when it was announced that Le Bron was leaving his agency and he was bringing on his childhood friends Rich Paul (as his agent) and Maverick Carter (as his business partner), and I thought, "Wow, that's cool." And I remember thinking, I hope this works out for them because if it doesn't …Q: When it comes to business, sometimes things can get contentious.A native of Decatur, Lee spent the latter part of his childhood in Atlanta, which is where he and his wife now reside — and where "Survivor's Remorse" also films.Le Bron James and his business partner Maverick Carter are executive producers on the show (created by actor-turned-writer Mike O'Malley), and a certain amount of of their real-world experiences have been filtered through series.Was there ever a discussion that this might create a disconnect, that the show should have a black showrunner? We went to a soundstage in Hollywood, it was me and this guy Dave Herman (Michael Bolton in "Office Space"), great actor, funny guy. Q: You got your start on the late-'90s sitcom "Sister, Sister," what was that like?A: We have a very diverse writers room — women, men, black, white, other — it's not like Mike is sitting there writing each script by himself. We would do these elaborate improvs and Judd Apatow had a guy in the corner videotaping the whole thing. " I get that question a lot when people see my name. It's funny, when my wife and I found out we were having a little boy, my mother wanted him to be Ron Reaco Jr. A: Our son is Bryson, and we call him Bry for short. A: I was really fortunate to book that show my first year in LA.

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