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What motivates your daily life if not the incredible character of God Himself?Chapter -16 will blow you away with what keeps Paul, Timothy, and all believers motivated to live for Christ.When the dust settles I wonder if Jane’s name will have been dragged through the mud on account of the article’s slander and inaccuracies involving serious accusations. You have already started the process of dragging Jane’s name through the mud. Eric’s inability to validate Jane’s story makes it more difficult for victims to come forward with their own.If the women of his church see how he treated this victim of rape, how likely will they be to tell their own stories of rape and abuse to him, wondering if he will believe them?Nor is the purpose to present an exhaustive protocol for care for rape victims.

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It’s because he and his wife had come to the conclusion that Jane was in sin, and they were going to help her come to their conclusion (whether it was true or not did not seem to matter). I am left to wonder if Eric knew the perpetrator because it is clear that he does not believe Jane’s story.

Pastor Davis says he is not speaking for the university, yet he was involved in this case.

I have been told that he was a seminary student at The Master’s Seminary, and also an RD (resident director) at The Master’s University.

She focused on my “heart issues” and constantly accused me of lying to cover up what she thought was consensual, and initiated by hidden sins of lust.” ~”Jane” Let me just add, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that tells me that The Master’s University has people who “provide skilled care” with someone who is sexually assaulted. Kathi – He states that we are called to: be compassionate, listen, notify police, support with the utmost diligence, then follows this up with, “We must be careful.” What is there to be careful about?

When advocating for trauma victims, there is nothing to be careful about except to make sure that the victim’s needs are top priority.

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