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How it works: When energized, one can hear a noticeable snap or click, and theprocess of converting electric power into mechanical power is started by allowing liquid refrigerant to flow through an expansion device into the evaporator.The liquid passes from high pressure to low pressure, where it boils, absorbs heat in the evaporator, and returns to the compressor as a gas.When it comes to the relationship between good performance, energy usage, and commercial/industrial refrigeration, there are many components we need to be cognizant of to ensure harmonious operation.

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Typical issues with this device include: No power to the solenoid, which is usually not an issue with the solenoid but with the thermostat circuit. Electrical coil is burned out and the valve cannot open, so cooling cannot occur.

At one particular site, a number of refrigeration units were identified with stuck solenoid valves through real-time, internet-based monitoring and control.

After the customer’s refrigeration mechanic inspected the solenoid problem the first time, it was thought that there was dirt trapped in the valve, or that there was a wiring issue… Since this was a new installation, and this issue had not been observed in the past to such an extreme, everyone was at a loss to the cause of so many units experiencing a problem.

3 Port Boost Control Solenoid Valve Includes: (1) solenoid, (1) ECU pigtail harness with factory crimped ECU pin, (3) 3/16" barb fittings, (1) 1/8" NPT plug, (1) Sintered brass muffler.

and (1) spare ECU pin for modified harness lengths.

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