Research on intuition in dating

"Ask a question before you go to sleep at night and in the morning, try to remember your dreams and see how it answers that question and see if it's useful," Orloff said.

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Use your own intuition Start by trusting your deepest wisdom to get you in touch with your spiritual source, whatever you call it, Orloff said.

It may be God, Buddha, Allah, the Universe, your higher power or something else.

Berget graduated from medical school at Northwestern University in 1973 and completed his internship and residency at its Children's Memorial Hospital. Pay attention, as he speaks, to all of your senses. Your body will provide lots of new information if you tune in. If there's a troubling problem you can't seem to solve -- say, your son's marriage seems to be in turmoil — ask your dreams to provide insights.

As a doctor and an instructor at the medical school, he was and still is a proponent of listening to mom -- and dad as well. See if you can picture the scene in slow motion and identify your feelings. What do you see when you look closely at his eyes and body language? Write down a question before bed, and keep a pen and paper next to you. Use your "gut-o-meter." When something doesn't feel quite right--for instance, you sense danger, or you get a strange feeling after talking to your daughter on the phone--consult your gut. Most of the time, if you feel tension or butterflies, your gut knows and is trying to tell your brain something important.

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