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Sermons and Religious Instruction Like Bibles, many other types of religious books, such as hymnals and other worship books, collections of sermons, and books of religious instruction were intended for wide circulation.Great quantities were printed as cheaply as possible, making them both less scarce and less attractive to collectors. Early Shaker tracts, for example, are considered important and may be quite rare, resulting in greater demand and higher prices.into other languages should contact the current chair of the RBMS Publications Committee.Your Old Books is also available as a compact PDF version → This guide addresses some frequently asked questions about rare and older books and their values.A book known to exist in only a few copies may have significant monetary value if collectors and libraries prize it.Searching the Internet using services like abaa.org, addall.com, abebooks.com, or can give you an idea of how many copies of a book are currently being offered for sale.First editions of important literary or historical works and initial reports of scientific discoveries or inventions are prime examples of books that are important because of their contents.Illustrated books that give a new interpretation of a text or are the work of an esteemed artist are also valued.

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Physical characteristics, such as a special binding; an early use of a new printing process; or an autograph, inscription, or marginal annotations of a famous person; may also contribute to a book’s importance and its market price.

In general, the better a book’s physical condition, the more it will be worth.

Terms that might be used to describe old books include (from best condition to worst condition) “As New,” “Fine” (no defects), “Very Good,” “Good,” “Fair” (worn but includes complete text), and “Poor” (very worn, but readable).

For information about how many copies are held by libraries, your local librarian can help you access databases such as OCLC’s World Cat.

Regardless of scarcity, a book without important text or distinguishing physical characteristics is likely to have little market value.

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