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Even after becoming a team, Kiba often argues with Shino over what course of action the group should take, particularly when Shino advises caution.Kiba often sees himself as the group leader, and becomes offended at any of Shino's actions that he perceives as challenging his leadership.And, despite his rather gruff attitude, many of Kiba's actions reveal that he is very close to his older sister, Hana, and remains fiercely loyal to his clan and has great pride in it.

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He cares deeply for Akamaru, and is willing to do whatever is necessary to protect him.I didn’t even know what that meant.” But thanks to the talk show host, the actress was able to get some practice right there and then.As Barrymore rejected quite a few other handsome celebs, De Generes hilariously confessed, “Even I would’ve chosen four of those guys.” John Mayer got a rather pointed, “Oh, no,” but a different John (we won’t spoil who) nearly had Barrymore jumping out of her seat.During Kiba's time at the Academy, he often cut class with Akamaru, stating that he wasn't suited to sit still at a desk, or otherwise getting into trouble, along with Chōji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara, and Naruto Uzumaki.Together, these four would skip class and go to the practice hall (not to practice).

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