Questions dating relationships

We all come into relationships with chips on our shoulder (or baggage) from past experiences.

He was born to be their bonus dad and has embraced the role with his entire being. What impact have your prior relationships had on you (any ‘bruises’ to know about)?

There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer here, but rather it’s a preference.

For example, my observation is that Justin’s family talks almost daily even though they are all located in the same town. This is an important one since we all feel and show love differently.

One of the best practices we implemented is a financial review where we sit down once a quarter with a glass of wine and take a look through our accounts simply to make sure we are both on the same page. Slightly different than the question above is a discussion about spending habits.

My faith is very important to me, and Justin’s faith was hugely important to him as well.

If you help me out, however, with a project, or errands, or with something on my to-do list, I feel incredibly loved.

The watch-out here is to be sure that you don’t assume everyone feels like and receives love the same way you do! The answer to this question provides insight into what your partner is thinking … I am friends with a couple who recently asked each other this question.

When Justin and I discussed this question, the right answer for me was more than him simply saying his vision was “being married to you for 30 years.” We could be married for 30 years and lead entirely separate lives.

Rather, I wanted to hear his vision include something like, “I want to grow old with you, at your side, laughing, exploring, adventuring, traveling, spoiling our grandkids, …” It was important to hear that our vision was aligned and included each other.

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