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“It made my nose flattened and my lips pinched, so doctors were constantly doing revisions to make my face appear more normal.At one point, a bone was taken from my hip and put in my palate.After I turned three, parents weren’t allowed to stay overnight with you in the hospital, but my father was so worried I’d wake up and be frightened, that he hid under my bed and slept on the cold floor so he could be there if I needed him in the night.“There were constant issues with my nose, ear and throat. Kids can be brutally honest and they can also be overly mean.

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Being perfect meant not having a cleft lip and it seemed I always would.” When Bachar stopped growing at 16, a facial surgeon was able to operate on her upper jaw.

She also spent 13 years in the Pussycat Dolls, before pursuing a solo career.

Throughout, she has worked as an ambassador for cleft-palate charities, visiting developing countries to raise awareness of the condition that affects one in 600 children.

The procedures were very painful, and as I was allergic to anaesthetic, they took months to recover from.

“After an operation, you had to be strapped down so you didn’t scratch your face and infect it.

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