Pushline dating

Within three e-mail exchanges, you should be setting up a time to meet or talk on the phone. We’re focusing on keeping your online life time-sensitive!

Chivalry can and should happen when you’re on the date. Screening & Synergy A first date is not a first date. Use it as a chance to have real-time conversation and see if chemistry exists, but try not to judge too much.

So, consider this an executive brief on cyber flirting efficiency.

Get your legal pads ready, because our meeting starts now! Scheduling Perfection Manage your dating life; don’t let your matchmaking website accounts control you.

There are also several innovative features that you won't find in the standard Windows Notepad.

TED Notepad has been designed especially for plain-text documents and lists, and creating scripts and html-like files.

Plus, you can keep notes about your matches without worrying that the details will vanish after a long meeting. Online Optimization Even the best profiles need an update every few months.

You wouldn’t let a business lead fall off the radar because they didn’t email you back, right? Following up shows that you’re still interested and gives your match that perfect opportunity to continue the conversation. Don’t Mention The Competition Dating online means that you have access to potentially thousands of singles with a few keystrokes, but that doesn’t make it OK to talk about your other experiences with a match.

Discussing or asking about other dates is a surefire way to kill any budding chemistry.

TED Notepad has a simple, focused design, multiple clipboards and many useful features, but the downsides are that the app only supports a single document at a time and it also doesn't have any syntax highlighting features.

- Added: Support for IME composing window.- Added: Added support for DPI-aware scaling.- Added: Push Line Up and Push Line Down for moving lines around.- Added: Drag&Drop editing; moving text by mouse is available via both buttons.- Added: Setting: Auto-save Untitled documents (into the Temp path).- Added: Setting: Store auto-save files in the Temp path instead of current directory.- Added: Setting: Store backup files in the Temp path instead of current directory.- Added: Setting: Temp path for storing autosave and backup files to, with relative paths support.- Added: Setting: Create backup files with hidden attribute.- Added: Setting: Create multiple backup files and rotate them.- Added: Setting: Warn on loading binary files.- Added: Setting: Ignore case in quick Sort tools.- Added: Check for Updates and Automatic Check for updates.- Added: If there is a new version available, hint is displayed in the Status Bar.- Added: Command line parameter: /u Check for Updates.- Added: Command line parameter: /l Goto Line accepts negative numbers and works from the end.- Added: Command line parameter: /c Goto Offset accepts negative numbers and works from the end.- Added: Command line parameter: /s Set Selection accepts negative numbers and works from the end.- Added: Command line parameters: /l Goto Line and /c Goto Offset can be used together.- Fixed: Italics fonts are no longer clipped.- Fixed: Selection background does not clip nearby characters anymore.- Fixed: Each tab character now enforces at least some minimum visual extent.- Fixed: Selected end-of-line extent and visible end-of-line extent were unified.- Fixed: When switching to another instance of the same document, no unexpected questions are asked.- Fixed: Message about another instance takes precedence over message about lost auto-save found.- Fixed: Document is not auto-saved if there are no modifications since last auto-save.- Fixed: The user is now warned that it is necessary to save recovered document.- Fixed: Auto-save file was not always removed after successful recovery.- Fixed: Canceling Revert operation no longer removes current auto-save.- Fixed: Chosen encoding or code page is no longer reset during Revert.- Fixed: Overwrite flag is no longer reset during Revert or Re-open.- Fixed: Creating a new file during loading adds such new file to Recent files.- Fixed: Relative paths are supported for Template file and are not updated during loading.- Fixed: Changing current encoding also changes BOM flag to reasonable default.- Fixed: Default newlines are used upon no newlines in the loaded file.- Fixed: Default newlines are used upon mixed newlines in the loaded file when No mixed newlines are in force.- Fixed: Default newlines are used upon mixed newlines in the document if No mixed newlines are turned on.- Fixed: Lists of available codepages split into categories for easier navigation.- Fixed: Shift Back Space deletes previous character just like a simple Back Space.- Fixed: Insert Recently Inserted text was needlessly unavailable sometimes.- Fixed: Sorted Complete Word dialog was inserting incorrect suggestions.- Fixed: Right-click menu could appear on a wrong position upon several displays.- Fixed: Scrolling by mouse via selecting text outside of edit window has been slowed down.- Fixed: Message is displayed after successful replace and no further occurrences.- Fixed: Replace tool used empty string upon undefined back-references, instead of skipping such occurrences.- Fixed: Propper icon recovery while re-starting crashed Windows Explorer.- Fixed: Keyboard focus was not relinquished properly upon Hide to Tray.- Fixed: Saving widnows position and/or size and restoring them was reviewed.- Fixed: Config INI file is only updated upon actual changes in the config data.- Fixed: Some funky edge cases were fixed in various tools and features.- Esc key cancels any ongoing mouse operation.- Right-click can also be used to select text before the Right-click menu appears.- Paste from clipboard thru Ctrl Right-click occurs only upon releasing the button.- Selected lines are slightly accentuated by double-drawing the text.- ODO meter and Trip meter were added to the Utility info dialog for amusement.- Overwrite mode menu item added to Options menu for convenience.- Date/time glue setting moved from the Tools page to the General page.- Warning is show in the Status Bar upon saving Unicode file with no BOM.- Document title is always displayed in the taskbar and caption, even if also showing the full file path.- Stay on Top is saved along with other common options in the Basic Options category.- Newlines are now decoded in Could not find messages; with a new setting to disable this.- Progress percentage during re-wrap has been rewritten to give a more linear user experience.- The .reloc section was removed from executables in a hope all future Windows will accomodate.- Executable code was moved back to the section where it belongs.- Read-only data was moved back to the .rdata section where it belongs.- Text storage engine improved to support files with truckload of lines.- Text storage engine memory usage and general behaviour optimized.- Edit box behaviour and other code optimized.- Utf-8 recognition algorithm fortified.

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