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the hundreds of singles coming from over 100 churches, our Tuesday night gathering feels like God's "Mile High Miracle! The group started in November 2011 with 30 people attending but has quickly grown to over 1900 members and on average 50 coming every week.

" God says in Isaiah , "I am going to do something new. We meet on Tuesday nights from ~- for a CATERED MEAL, MESSAGE, and SOCIAL TIME.

In some cases, we reserve the right to delete the new person's name from our member list and ask them not to return to the group without providing specific details (especially if details may put someone's emotional or physical safety in jeopardy) .

However, as the years have passed by, the dates I’ve had with men at church have been rather few and far between.

And I’m not the only woman who has found this to be true.

PRICE: .00 AT THE DOOR NOTE: We offer planned events/activities to further strengthen fun and healthy Christ-centered friendships. This ministry blesses HUNDREDS of single and single-again Christian adults from more than 200 churches from the Denver Metro area and beyond.

MORE SPECIFIC DETAILS AND HELPFUL INFORMATION from our We are serving adults in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who are single, widowed, divorced, or separated and who are looking for like-minded Christians who share their beliefs and values.

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