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However, if you are harassing/abusive/trollish, then I no longer have to ask you for permission. [What follows is an approach to polyamory that isn’t possible or appealing to everyone, which is why this isn’t a “you should do poly my way” article.

I may ask you for permission to blog about our correspondence.

One of Dan’s oft-cited rules is the “GGG”: a partner must strive to be good in bed, be giving of equal time and attention and be game for anything (within reason).

There is some science out there that has been interpreted to back up Dan’s rule, and ostensibly, GGG is about being caring and open about your desires with your partner, and as such, is reasonable advice. Dan Savage is, as Melissa pointed out, in the habit of dishing out this advice to mean that we are obliged to have sex with our partners/dates, and we are obliged to indulge all of their fantasies and fetishes without regard to our own comfort.

You can go on dates with as many people as you like! Some women may prefer to get to know each other as friends first, and then allow a romantic relationship to develop.

We are not obligated to participate in sexual activity that we do not want to, period. Cardinal Rule: Sex should be fun, safe and consensual EVERY SINGLE TIME. Rules are necessary, I am told, to prevent jealousy, keep relationships stable, restrict them to certain bounds, and make sure that everything is “fair,” for that couple’s/polycule’s definition of fair.I have watched as professors and therapists and writers who are not polyamorous themselves insisted to me that poly relationships cannot work without rules, in direct contradiction to my experience and that of many of my friends and most of my partners. Nerd Love, an advice columnist I otherwise respect, had this to say about the basics of nonmonogamy: Rule #3: Establish Ground Rules You want to establish certain rules regarding your relationship in order to ensure the comfort and safety of everybody involved. For others it means that partners are only allowed off the leash once per year or on months that end in “Y’.One of the positions Dan Savage has taken which has received widespread criticism is that romantic partners essentially owe each other sex.Can you address that assertion, and why it’s a total piece of shit?

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