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Chemistry "can cause people to act sexually impulsively or unwisely".It can also be the difference between someone remaining faithful in their relationship, and seeking one night stands and affairs.Which is more important in a relationship: chemistry or compatibility? Do men and women have different standards for chemistry and compatibility? In my experience as a dating coach, most women will give men a chance (or two or three), unless they are totally turned off on a first date. In online dating, a woman’s profile picture is the first and most important way to get a man’s attention. A nice face is attractive, but a nice guy is a keeper.The majority of women in my practice are interested in an emotional and intellectual compatibility first and a physical compatibility/chemistry second. Again, men seem to place much more emphasis on a woman’s looks than her profile essay. Compatibility is based on common values and life goals, a high level of comfort with each other, shared experiences and the ability to have fun with each other. My question for you is: If the tables were turned, how many men would give an overweight, semi-attractive woman a chance? The nervous system gets aroused, causing one to get adrenaline in the form of "rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and sensations of excitement that are often similar to sensations associated with danger".

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You can grow into love, but you grow out of lust." Neil Clark Warren argues that physical chemistry is important because "couples who don't share strong chemistry may have additional problems during the ups and downs of a life together." Like Betito, he suggests not ruling someone out on the first date due to lack of chemistry.

Some people, while believing it is possible to artificially create chemistry, think that it is better to let chemistry hit them spontaneously.

Having chemistry "can be the difference between a relationship being romantic or platonic".

There is some debate over whether one can artificially create chemistry if they are "not initially feeling it".

While some people hold that it is something that you "can't learn and can't teach...[and you] either don't", others hold that chemistry is a process rather than a moment, "build[ing] up and adds up and eventually you get this kind of chemical bonding".

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