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It is also acceptable to ask about what work they do or where they work.

Since Filipinos do not mind talking about personal aspects of their life, do not be surprised to be asked very personal questions such as your marital status and your age.

In the work place, a lot of acronyms are used, so familiarity with acronyms will also be useful. They are able to laugh or make jokes, in good or bad times. The use of cell phone is the number one means of communication in the Philippines.

Filipinos have close family ties and always love to talk about their extended family, especially about their children.

So a good conversation piece is asking about their family – which region or province they come from, whether they have children, their ages and what grade in school they are in.

It is not uncommon to see someone texting while in meetings.

You can require that cell phones be turned off during meetings (just like in the churches).

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