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I now knew my rights as a woman and a human being, and was unwilling to compromise any longer.My employer fired me, calling me “a Communist.” I was unable to find another job because he withheld my transfer permit, but thankfully, Buklod hired me as an organizer.Filipina women are often referred to as “little brown fucking machines” by servicemen.Once I asked a customer, “Why do you like Filipina women so much? They pretend that they like it.” We need to change this thinking and educate young girls about the abuses of the sex industry, to let them know that they do have choices.

From the bar, I watch a Westerner buy another drink from a young Filipina whose language he does not speak.

Because women are often viewed as powerless sex objects they are constantly driven into the sex industry.

At times, I too believed that I only existed for men’s pleasure.

” He replied, “Because the women are cheap, way cheaper than Japanese women. Women are human beings, not commodities to be bought and sold.

As I leave the videoke bar, I’m unsure if the young woman will attend our next meeting.

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