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"He's surrounded by people every day that tell him what he wants to hear because it's easier for them than to tell him what the truth might be." The two talked for half an hour. "For the first time, it was, 'We're going to get all these pieces and put them together. It won't all be on me." When Earnhardt greeted Letarte at the door, he was "apprehensive and nervous and full of doubt." When Letarte left, Earnhardt was convinced Letarte would help him get his career going in the right direction again. * * * Before Letarte and Earnhardt ever went to the racetrack together, Letarte gathered the people who manage Earnhardt's time -- his marketing manager and his public relations representatives from Hendrick Motorsports and JR Motorsports (the Nationwide team Earnhardt owns).

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When Letarte said providing a fast car would be his responsibility, and driving it would be Earnhardt's, relief washed over Earnhardt. He would stay after practice until Letarte didn't need him anymore. Some had tried, but he says he either ignored or neglected the requests. For the first two races of the 2011 season, Earnhardt remained stuck in his old ways.

He told the person on the other end thank you and said it was good to see him, and that the race had been the most exciting of his life.

He closed with, "Take it easy." He paused a beat and then asked for the phone back.

CHARLOTTE -- The klieg lights shine on Dale Earnhardt Jr. He reads ad after ad for the various Mountain Dew drinks that sponsor him.

A script, printed on a white sheet of paper, hangs from a metal arm in front of his face.

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