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Without notifying Scully or Skinner, he releases Roche from jail and takes him to Mulder's childhood home in Martha's Vineyard.

Inside the house, Roche describes everything in great detail, except Mulder says they are in the wrong house.

In one scene, Scully tells Mulder, "A dream is an answer to a question we haven't yet learned how to ask".

She is actually quoting Mulder back at himself, as he originally said this line in the Season 2 episode "Aubrey".

Instead, he makes Mulder choose one of the hearts at random, and tells them where to find the body.Mulder shoulders all the blame for placing Caitlin in such horrific danger.He admits to Scully that she was right; Roche was just playing him.When Roche will not answer Mulder directly, Mulder becomes enraged and punches Roche in the face.Scully, who witnesses Mulder's loss of control, tries to convince him the dreams are nothing but images from his subconscious.

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