Overprotective parents dating

They’re kept in this bubble created by their parents, meant to protect them in their youth, without considering what’s going to happen when they get to college and realize that they’re no special snowflake and the world ain’t doing them any favors just for showing up. They need the opportunity to develop the tough skin that will get them through the black hole of awfulness that is adulthood.

And here’s what happens: 15% of college students suffer from depression, according to The University of Michigan Depression Center. Do you want a fierce, self-actualized, confident kid or a floundering, mess of insecurity and self-doubt? So CHILL with the texting every hour, calling each night, solving every problem and kissing every booboo.

I’m talkin’ so much vomit, the shag rug turned into a swamp. I woke up the next day with barf all over me…in my hair, in my eyelashes, in my armpits. When I turned 19 (I’m Canadian, that’s our legal drinking age), drinking a bunch of vodka on a Thursday night was kinda old hat to me.

I didn’t care to go buckwild at the campus bars every night of the week during college, because I’d already dipped my toes into the binge-drinking pool and it wasn’t THAT exciting for me.

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The scary thing is, though, raising a sh**ty roommate is the least of your worries.

This approach can reduce the risk that a discussion will become a volatile argument with your parents.

Speak with other family members if possible to get their points of view on objections your parents may have about your boyfriend.

My mom used to give me this Mickey Mouse watch, and honey, when that big hand was in between that mouse’s legs, my ass had better be home or my mom would firmly insert her foot into it. I remember the first time I came home, blackout drunk, at midnight. My parents were in the basement and I slunk upstairs, hoping to go to my room unnoticed.

Except I couldn’t quite make it to my room without puking my guts up all over the guest bathroom. The only thing my mom said to me that morning was, “You jackass. Go clean up the bathroom.” To this day, I honestly have never been that hammered.

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