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34 FAST CULTURE Joe Gartman visits the Palazzo della Civilta, intended by Mussolini as the centrepiece of the 1942 Esposizione Universale Roma. "However, for organizational and ethical reasons, there were not the right conditions to even address the issue.42 FAST ART Freya Middleton goes to Venice to revisit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. 2015 TASTE AWARDS The best food and wine featured in the magazine last year. March 2016 IN THIS ISSUE VENICE GAVI p93 pl6 TUSCANY p36 CEFALU L.jf;! 1 ON THE COVER READERS' PHOTO COMPETITION The best each issue wins a bottle of Nino Franco Prosecco and cooler! If you want to see the Palio and really understand it, you have to come to Siena." .Keep your Italian up to date Alongside each article in tialfan.key words and phrases are glossed into English Every leaiure is carefully cliosen and graded lor ditliculiy so you can assess your progress Each article will keep you up to date with idiomatic expressions as well as practical informal ion.53 NEW FLORENCE With its recent renovations, Chris Allsop discovered that off-season Florence has become all the more attractive. However, while they were flattered by the regal offer, officials of the twice-yearly race in Tuscany chose to decline the offer.62 THE VENICE REGATTA Rowing competitions galore and a spectacular parade. CULTURE 20 GAZZETTA Tom Alberto Bull compares the Italian railway system with that of the UK. "The Palio and its historic traditions had the honour of attracting interest from the royal court of the United Kingdom," confirmed Bruno Valentini, Siena's Mayor.Signature(s) Date DIRECT DEBIT GUARANTEE Direct Debit is only available in the UK. at any time during your subscription, you can cancel it and receive a refund for any un mailed copies OTHER PRICES AND PAYMENT METHODS* Complete your details above UK £39.50 for 1 years (12 issues) - saving 25% (Credit/Debit card) Europe €35.28 every 6 issues - saving 26% (Continuous credit card) Rest of World £28.99 every 6 issues (Continuous credit card) Australia .25 every 6 issues - saving 25% (Continuous credit card) USA/CANADA - SEE PAGE 72 Please debit my card Q TTT visa Q ^ Mastercard Q O Maestro □ |_ American Express Card □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Valid from □□ □□ Expiry date □□ □□ Issue no □□ Signature(s) Date L_| I enclose a cheque made payable to Anthem Publishing Ltd for £ ^ Send your completed form to Anthem Publishing Ltd, \/ Freepost RRBS-LRRG-CTBJ, 800 Guillat Avenue, f Nl Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne ME9 8GU No stamp required.

Mastercard D Visa O Arne* O Maeslro □ Card number: Expiry Dale First Name Address _ Card GW Code Last Name Please send your completed order form together with payment fat Languages Diiwft, FREEPOST RSKB-KSKR-LYLU, Bristol B$l 6UX Outside UK Languages Direct , Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol BSl 6UX, United Kingdom 60 day money-back guarantee If for any reason Tlitfo italiano is not for you, just let us know within 60 day** arud well refund your subscription in FULL, and you can keep your first issue.

82 AT HOME WITH UMAMI Laura Santtini focuses her attentions on the concept of 'umami'. 14 EVENTS IN MARCH What's in the diary for travellers to Italy. 19 LETTERS Readers share their stories and pictures from their experiences in Italy, and tell us where we should be going next. 68 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Our experts are here to help. The statues of Castor and Pollux on the Capitoline Hill are ancient, but the myth that inspired them is older still... ICONS The gondola is in fact just one of many boats to have evolved in the unique waterways of Venice. Of course, you could also put it on the breakfast table - and it is lovely spread on hot toast - although that might mean you have to share it with other people! tiuuus CAESAR ITALIAN SHORT STORIES FOR FREE ITALIAN RECIPES APP Gone are the days when home chefs had to juggle their kitchen utensils with an unwieldy cookbook.

88 PRONTO Five quick-and-easy Italian meals for two. Nowadays, there are smartphone apps aplenty to make cooking as easy as pie. -THIS MONTH’S TOP 3 -THIS MONTH’S in' trctwww' In this typical corner of the Tuscan countryside our luxury country Relais offers you the opportunity of an unforgettable holiday 39 0575 650 100 [email protected] Lupo, M orrovalle, Le Marche BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED AUTHENTIC ITALIAN VILLA, WITH PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL, LOVELY GARDEN, WATER WELL AND BREATHTAKING 360" PANORAMA This former farmhouse is situated in a spectacular hilly landscape (300 meters above sea level) and only 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Coast.

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