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Here, registration is faster, though we still process each registration by reading them.Once you have joined and have a chance to see what we are about, you can join one of the other chats. The main realm of Mystical Realms is a plane made up of several worlds set in a mysterious time of high fantasy.I saw it all unfold on two members and I will never go back.He also reads everyone's PM's therefore going against the very idea of Private Message.

Peruse the blogs or show off your skills in our creative section, a place to showcase our members talents across the arts; writing, music, art and more. Our Help & FAQ section has all the information you need, from the basics of forum roleplay to member-created quides and tutorials. Register today and discover all that RPA has to offer! Contact the Admin team at [email protected] have attempted the grand pilgrimage of the 8 great temples of the world, for it is the true path to Enlightenment.

He will lie and ban you in a way that it does not show on your Avatar so everyone else just thinks you have left the site.

There is just so much wrong in this place that I could write forever.

It's been nearly three years since the dead began to rise, and a rapidly increasing population of supernatural threats are on the move.

Gateway Gateway is the first chat new members will join.

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