One on one dating service

Finally after all this, Nicole asked me how much I think this great services would cost. She then showed me the price list that went from 00 to 00. She stated that they were giving me their 1st interview special that discounted the introductory offer by 00 to 00. She stated that she, "really didn't want me to miss out on a deal that would save me thousands of dollars". Why would I pay thousands of dollars for a service when I could go out around town and organically meet people.

After I heard that many times, I asked how somebody that just met me could be so interested and caring to want to help me. Nicole stated that they didn't, but later she stated that they earn incentives. She then stated that if I became a member tonight, I would save 50% off of the 00 price which made it 00 now. Nicole had built a case (from the interview) that led her to say that these methods really hadn't worked.

I stated that I wanted all of the paperwork, but they again denied me that so I left.

As I drove home I though how I have given them all my personal information such as my Social Security Number, address, Date of Birth, and every other thing that makes up me and my identity. I saw some of them out in the parking lot and I asked to speak to the boss again and proceeded to tell them that I wanted ALL my paperwork back.

I had also let Nicole take my ID and Visa Credit Card out to here bosses office so they could view "prove" my identity. Another manager asked me why I would want that and kept trying to change the subject.

She finally told me that she was with The Right One.

I wormed my way out of it by feeding them a sob story about having been laid off (which was a total lie), but they bought it and stopped the pressure.

My slob casual appearance probably reinforced my act, but anyhow I got out of that place with my wallet intact. I managed to pinch a couple of GX's business reply envelopes that they use for sending out their dumb little questionnaires, and every so often I (or some friends around the country) send them a heavy box of junk with a copy of the envelope attached.

As I look back over this entire situation, there was a lot of suggestive terminology used to insinuate a young, pretty, female would be embracing me with her presence when I arrived.

This were the first of many sales jobs that would come my way.

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