One month dating gift ideas

Whimsical Granny Apple Doll -- The apple doll is a traditional folk apple craft dating back over a hundred years. And they’re easy – just a few inexpensive supplies. Bird Planter Feather Craft -- This fancy feather craft is an amusing tropical bird that is actually a decorative planter stick. Use these easy craft ideas and activities for your event, party or gift.

Picture Frame Crafts -- Picture frame crafts can be simple or very fancy, and perfect to give as gifts. Change the feather color for any holiday or occasion. An excellent way for elderly to give and help others.

Cork Leprechaun Craft -- This little leprechaun craft is made of corks!

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Easy Dipping Chocolate -- Dipping chocolates are more fun and yummy easy craft ideas - that you can eat! They have a choice of topping and are fabulous bouquet gifts you can make.

Angel Valentine & Candy Holder -- This cute angel valentine craft has so many possibilities.

Use it to hold candy, give a valentine or gift, or as a centerpiece.

Halloween Treats for Seniors -- Creative, crafty projects and characters - to eat! Festive Valentines Crafts -- These easy craft ideas are unique ways to give valentines, gifts, or to use as a centerpiece, place setting, or give-aways.

Lollipop Valentine Centerpiece -- This fun lollipop valentine centerpiece is really two crafts in one. Apple Valentine Centerpiece -- A couple of truly unique apple valentine centerpieces that include hand-painted apples that may look fancy, but are easy craft ideas.

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