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It beats Thailand on price and English speaking ability.Best bet is to quickly pop your head in each bar as you go up and down Fields Avenue as the bars are all so close together.

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Similar to Billboard, the best Bangkok gogo, which also has a gay papasan.On a Monday night girls might be a bit more tired / moody but all the Angeles City walking street bars can be like that early in the week. Next to Shipwrecked and a similar fun atmosphere, Monsoon bargirls are mostly smiling and trying hard to get your attention on stage, wiggling their butts etc. Haven’t met any cherry girls here, or been rejected for not being Korean yet. Edit: The barfine used to be 2500 and has now increased to 2750, a waitress also said in 2018 it’ll be 3000. Again some of the most enthusiastic girls, dirty dancing, flirting, talking dirty, lap dances, etc.I’ve never come across a ‘cherry girl’ in Shipwrecked – ones that don’t have sex, you can only take them out to barhop or at most a blowjob. No shy ones, cherry girls, or ones that only go with Asians that I know of.But those two girls were great and I’ve barfined twice from here. skinny, no boobs or butt, cute face, 18-20 age range, will be barfined by a Korean guy if you don’t get in there early but will be happy to go with you too.They are the rare girls that like both white guys and Asians, and are ‘Asian style’. Icarus II is quite small with only about 6 – 8 girls but the barfine is cheaper, it’s open earlier in the morning if and they’re surprisingly cute.

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