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The logic of Gautier and Sihali’s script connects via dial-up and never quite holds a viable connection, either stumbling over false tension or misusing Cam2Cam itself.

We’re in an age where horror via video chatting has already been executed crisply, and can’t quite compete against superior products that are able to bridge the gap between technology and certain nightmares that stem from infinite databases housing life-threatening amounts of personal information.

If you want real horror, just go surf the internet on your own accord, because there’s a serious lack of thrills in Soisson’s cyber snoozer – except for one Randal Graves approved shocker.

One thing I’ll never be able to say is that the life of a film critic is certainly a predictable one…

The man with the hook attacking a car on lover’s lane urban legend is now anachronistic, ‘Beware child, of the people you meet online’ is the new source of societal fears and warnings.Logging on, Allie becomes interested, but learns of a string of murders committed by a video chatting stalker who would find woman through Cam2Cam and chop their heads off, one of which was staying in Allie’s current room.Uncertain, she begins to believe the killer is still on the loose, and finds herself in a growing state of paranoia – but is she really the next victim, or just fearful of her current locale?I had trouble enjoying Sarah Bonrepaux’s turn as Sursok’s salacious new friend, spouting such throwaway comments like describing her idea for “Assbook,” you know, like “Facebook, but with dog’s asses…” – um, come again? ” out of her thick accent made me cringe a bit, which never quite made me confident in director Joel Soisson’s decisions.Other characters fall into the same dramatically inept traps, like newcomer Ben Wiggins’ stammering annoyance as Michael, as well as a murderer with strange motivations and execution – two main characters we never feel sufficiently introduced to.

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