Olympic couples dating

In theory, this couple is a pretty good petri dish. Their artistry score was what made the difference: In Pyeongchang, they scored 2.92 more points than they did in Sochi. These are actors, the best in the world at convincing you that they are embroiled in fiery passion, on skates.Chock and Bates aside, it seems that having sex off the ice doesn’t do wonders for ice dancers’ marks. They are at the Olympics after years and years of training and hard work, and they want to win.Skate Canada describes the component score as the “overall quality and presentation of the program based on five components: skating skills, transitions, performance/execution, choreography/composition and interpretation.” Presumably technique is not impacted by past sexual relationships.It’s the artistry, the convincingness of the on-ice romance, that seems like it could be affected by an off-ice partnership.(They had to actually tone down one move because it was too overtly sexual.) As a result, they’ve convinced a large fan base that they are indeed knocking boots once the skates come off. Unlike pairs skating, which involves jumps and women being thrown through the air, ice dancing performances are more about delicate technique, precision, and artistry.

(Lukanin was married to someone else until 2005.) Zachary Donohue and Madison Hubbell broke up to save their skating relationship.

Then there’s the thorny question of people who once dated but don’t date anymore.

Elena Grushina and Ruslan Goncharov won a bronze in 2006 and divorced in 2008.

If the argument is that private intimacy makes on-ice intimacy more convincing, then perhaps even those who are no longer together would retain some of that benefit.

Even if they’re no longer doing the dirty deed, they’ve done it in the past and can re-enact it on ice.

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