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i posted to youtube the videos of the defective product. I spoke to the Qoo10 help desk and emailed them regarding this issue, but all they suggested me was to deal the seller directly no matter how many times I repeated myself that I CAN'T REACH THE SELLER BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT REPLYING MY MESSAGES!

So I asked them, since they are the seller from their platform, I believe they should have the phone number or email which can be contacted alternatively right?

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If I knew this item was going to be canceled I could've used another S off S coupon.The quality of their goods clearly reflect their prices and they can barely last for a year or two.Qoo10 is merely a website for different suppliers to sell their goods and hence, you are at risk of being scammed by one if you’re not careful.I have made my payment via Pay Pal and is now trying to claim my refund via Pay Pal instead. Here's what happened to me: In one order totaled S3.24 which was composed of 7 individual orders from different sellers, one of the sellers cancelled my order 6 days later.This order was S.70 but qoo10 only refunded me S.70.

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