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Thus far, only a handful of higher education institutions have moved to directly invest their financial resources into communities to positively impact economic outcomes.Let’s hope that Oberlin’s new platform does just that, while also setting an example for other colleges and universities across the country.

The work profiles three administration-led initiatives and three student-led initiatives, as well as five potential future partnerships, whereby institutional investments are directed into local communities in a way that empowers low-income residents, develops small businesses, and generates sustainable economic development. Higher education as a sector controls more than 0 billion in endowment assets, while also employing a workforce of nearly 4 million, enrolling 21 million students, and contributing 0 billion of annual activity to the US economy.Please note that in order to enroll in the student health insurance plan, you must visit the Academic Health Plans website.Please contact Academic Health Plans at (855) 844-3014 if you have questions regarding the enrollment process.Universities, whether spurred by enlightened self-interest or student agitation, can leverage this underutilized economic power to complement their academic missions with wider social missions that include local community and economic development.that were intended to be engines of economic development for a different era, as well as providing access to higher education for those excluded previously because of their socioeconomic class.

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