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I’m talking about the guy who ventures to this part of the world with no damn clue as to what he’s getting himself into. I merely want the poor guy who just got a divorce to realize that there are distinct differences between having a real relationship with a nice girl, being a walking ATM machine, dealing with bar girls, and getting outright scammed. I will publish it when I feel there is enough content to make it worth your time.However, when ideas and issues pop into my head, I will keep adding to it.For example, if you’re thinking about online dating, I recommend Filipino Cupid. Let me start out by outlining exactly why you should consider dating a Filipino girl.

Since you’ve been married for two decades, you have no idea how to talk to women. If you have big money, then it’s ok to grab a Thai girl.

It’s more of a mutual, implied act that’s just part of taking care of their man. If you’re interested in having kids, there’s no problem in that department, trust me.

So, in brief, if you have a Filipino wife, you’re getting laid every day. If you already have kids from your previous marriage, that’s not an issue for them, either. A Filipino girl is not going to look at you negatively because you have four kids with your American wife. I’ve been doing the online dating thing since around 1995 back when it was really scary to meet someone on the Internet. If you’re looking to meet a Filipino girl, there are several sites that focus on this region such as Filipino Cupid and Date In Asia. Date In Asia is free, but they put ads on all the pages.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how nice, sweet, and caring Filipino girls can be.

Now, all women, in every culture, have their share of problems and issues that cause a man trouble and heartache.

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