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Bara The problem is that when you change orientations a new activity is spun up from the beginning (on Create).

So the view updates once with the results of the first submit, then again with the results of the second submit a second later.

@jacobtabak I've encountered a similar problem when using the sticky headers.

I update the list by swapping out the cursor and calling notifydatasetchanged().

I would make your Custom Adap be a subclass of Array Adapter.

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When one extra item is added to the top of the list the entire list expands downwards but the headers remain static (thus in the wrong position by one step). I've tried invalidating the headers but it does not seem to solve the issue.

m Recycler View.remove Item Decoration(m Decoration); m Adapter = get Adapter(); m Cursor(data); m Recycler Adapter(m Adapter); m Decoration = new Sticky Recycler Headers Decoration(m Adapter); m Recycler Item Decoration(m Decoration); in sticky header i have check box, when check box checked notify the recyclerview, but not getting refreshed, after scroll, then it is getting refershed.

I think its not a very good idea to create a new instance of the adapter while setting the list view. or in some other function, first thing that you have to realize is that you won't need to create a new instance of the adapter, just populate the arrays with your data again.

The idea is something similar to this : List Update worked for me before when the update was triggered from a GUI event, thus being in the UI thread.

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