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Many, many stories were shared in comments of early posts.Unfortunately, those comments were lost when we had to remove material because our database was getting overloaded.etc.”) She was crying so loud that, although he was in an inner bathroom with no windows, upstairs in my isolated home in the dead of winter with all windows closed…. Before we could make the appointment the boy’s mother was on our doorstep asking us not to go. The police department contacted us and set up an appointment to interview all our children. We couldn’t be in the room with them but we could watch from a live lead in a private room.He was afraid that the neighbors, in their homes with windows closed, would hear and come to help her. She said we wanted to punish him and we were just being mean and this is a quote “You KNOW ______would never hurt her! God bless the very godly man that interviewed my child. He was a Christian himself and the Grace of God was really with him. We went to the doctor and proceeded to eat, sleep and breath for days on end.Guess what, the pastors didn’t want us to tell them what the boy had confessed to….. We had been told of 5 incidents and one mysterious one that our daughter confessed to the police.It had been going on for 7 months that we now knew of.She assured us that my daughter was asleep and completely unaware. She said that one evening, he was babysitting for us as he often did while we went to Homegroup Leaders and Wives meetings at the Pastors house. How could he change the sheets and her pullup without her waking up? First my husband, then me, then each child as they lay safely sleeping in their bed. I decided I’d never let that happen then laid down and went back to sleep. How much can a 3 year old sin to deserve these consequences?? Lou Gallow sat with this boy daily extracting more detail, which were relayed to Dave Hinders then to us by phone. We simply insisted that our child would be seen by a doctor.

My husband didn’t know, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave leadership so it would just upset him.

Now, seven day’s after this boy confessed regarding our family, his maternal uncle currently living in the boy’s home confessed to molesting his nieces, the boy’s sisters. The detective handling our case came to our home and gave us an update.

Guess what, the girls were supposedly asleep and had no idea what had happened to them. Social Services came to our home and conducted a home study.

He sounded so strange as he asked me to find a sitter for our four children and come to the building for a meeting. He took her to the bathroom thinking the lights would wake her, he could but cold water on her face. (This seems silly now) I thought she had a brain aneurysm. I shared that story just days before his confession.

He had already spoken to my husband and we’d all meet there. When I returned to the bathroom my daughter was hitting my husband and saying “I DON’T WANT YOU! ” My husband was crying as he handed her to me saying “She doesn’t want me.” I put her in the car and took her to the emergency room. In addition to that, the evening he confessed he was acting out in a violent way at his house.

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