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A contractor in the Australian State of Victoria has managed to infect an unknown number of speed cameras with a virus, over sneakernet.Details aren't so much sketchy as they are confused: the virus has been identified as Wanna Crypt, but the government's been told it infected both Linux and Windows-based cameras; there was no ransom demand; the main symptom was repeated camera reboots, and; contractors apparently hoped to keep things quiet by patching cameras without telling anyone.The availability of CAMs on the NHS is limited, and in most cases the NHS will not offer such treatments.

Redflex manages 150 of the state's speed cameras; two other contractors the minister didn't identify manage the other 130, yet a single individual infected devices under separate contracts.Examples include: To understand whether a treatment is safe and effective, we need to check the evidence.You can learn more about the evidence for particular CAMs by reading about individual types of treatment – see our index for a list of all conditions and treatments covered by NHS Choices.on Thursday, I was being assured that Linox (sic) could not be infected by the virus.” Announcing an investigation into what happened, the government said cameras were infected between June 6 and June 22, and claimed the system was cleared by June 23.Neville said part of the investigation's brief will be the speed camera program's governance and management, since she only learned of the infection from a program called “The Rumour File” on Melbourne radio station 3AW.

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