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Given a choice between powerpoint, Spotify, and You Tube, it is clear how most people choose to spend their time.

Modern life has brought us to a new reality where our lives are consumed by either gadgets or filled with static.

“Engagement” in long-range projects doesn’t just “happen.” It is not happening just because there are people gathered together in a meeting. We have to design these processes to help change their minds.

Hoboken and adjacent areas in Weehawken and Jersey garnered 0 million of an initial 0M in total awarded to New Jersey, New York and Connecticut for these seven projects.First, a person has to be Aware both that there is a problem and a way to potentially fix it.Then they have to want to become Informed about the project.Links on the sign point people to the NJDEP project page and this Facebook page.“Good Things Happen When Enough Good People Get Involved.” Any signs not posted on Saturday will be available at the Historical Museum for pick up on Sunday. It is important that we as a community not forget what happened, and that we work together in the future to help make sure we don’t suffer like that again. If you cannot join but want us to save a sign for you to post in a place important to you please let us know.

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