Nicky wu and cecilia liu dating

And no one, NONE of their fans (including myself) suspected this! never gonna happen (but it would be great if it could...). Nicky Wu is one of the finest Mandarin actors I've ever known. Shishi was his co-star in Bu Bu Jing Xing, Bu Bu Jing Qin the sequel and Xi Li Ren Shi.

Totally missed this one news in August 2013 when someone spotted both of them buying ice cream together etc, but I might just dismissed it back then, for fear of getting my hope crushed. They always looked lovely together, but they never said they were dating.

It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu, the real-life star couple from Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin), married at a beautiful resort in Bali on March 20, 2016. Find out about the romantic wedding, the bridal gown that was kept secret until wedding day, the significant numbers engraved inside the wedding bands, what the groom said that brought the bride to tears, and more. Nicky Wu said in his vow, "I've been through many difficulties in life and have complained to God more than once that he wasn't kind to me. He made me experience so much unhappiness." Guests started cheering him as he was choked with emotions. The flowery path that Cecilia walked on was S-shaped, as S is the initial of her Chinese name, Liu Shishi.

The romantic wedding was held outdoors at the AYANA Resort and Spa Bali. He continued, "But now I have finally realized the reason. Nicky Wu's touching words brought Cecilia to tears. Their One-Diamond wedding bands from De Beers are engraved with these numbers, 644 and 576, which are phonetically similar to the couple's Chinese names: Liu Shishi (劉詩詩) and Wu Chilong (吳奇隆).

I am a wanted child in the Benign and Benevolent Universe... I speak MB wuxia, period drama, sci-fi, superhero world, Vedic tradition, J-dorama (particularly Okada Masaki), anime, manga, fashion, food and travel, among others. Shi Shi is very mature for her age, and Nicky can be such a goofie for a 43 years old (but he can be very fatherly and brotherly too).

Nicky Wu Qi Long and Cecilia Liu Shi Shi are dating! I always thought that the 18 years difference between them does not really matter.

Nicky was being particularly cautious because of his own experience.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. Fans of the historical romance Scarlet Heart have long thought Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu fell in love during filming.Their dazzling chemistry kept viewers glued to the screen, and they gave fans a real-life happy ending when they confirmed their true romance.Under the bright blue sky, the ground was strewn with 500,000 roses from Ecuador. At exactly pm, the more than 300 guests saw the beautiful bride walk on the arm of her father on the flowery path of love toward her groom, Nicky Wu, who has been waiting patiently for this special moment1.. God has saved the best for me until now." As the bride and groom gazed deeply at each other, he said, "I will listen to you. The couple started dating after they filmed the wildly popular (Bu Bu Jing Xin), the 2011 Chinese drama that is now considered the romantic classic in the time-traveling genre. For the wedding's logo, the couple combined their last names' initials to form "WL" and extended a new meaning, "We Love."The number 6 certainly seems to be a lucky number, as before the wedding took place, it was reported that Nicky transferred 60 percent of his entertainment company to Cecilia as a stunning wedding gift that's worth about 166 million in US dollars.They married via registration in China about a year ago, and now they have finally sealed their love by holding a fabulous wedding in front of their many family and friends. The lavish wedding included the all-expense-paid wedding festivities that last 3 days for all the guests and Cecilia's handmade bridal gown by Carven that costs close to half a million US dollars. 13.(Here is a collage of what other outfits the couple wore for their wedding. Upper right is the couple in traditional Chinese attire, with Nicky's outfit embroidered with the emperor's dragon design and Cecilia's with the empress' phoenix.

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