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Public access documents at Copenhagen Municipality confirm the existence of the plans, writes Jyllands-Posten.The municipality's finance department participated in a review of a potential Formula 1 track at the request of business minister Brian Mikkelsen when renowned track designer Hermann Tilke visited Copenhagen in March this year, according to the report.“The proposed route has far fewer obstacles than he expected, considering it is a track in the middle of a city,” he said.The reported proposed route takes in central Copenhagen as well as the Amager and Christianshavn districts Danish racing driver Jan Magnussen, who also participated in the design for the proposal, told Jyllands-Posten that motorsport fans could look forward to something special should a Grand Prix in Copenhagen become reality.By also taking in a second bridge, the Langebro bridge, the track offers a brand-new spectacle to the sport – Formula 1 cars driving over two bridges in a city Grand Prix.Proposed for introduction during the 2020 Formula 1 season, the route, developed by a consortium including Danish business magnate Lars Seier Christensen and former MP Helge Sander, has been approved for further development by Formula 1 owner Liberty Media, according to the report.Sixty-four infertile women used a urinary luteinizing hormone immunoassay to identify the luteinizing hormone surge; timed serum progesterone level tests and an endometrial biopsy were then performed.An out-of-phase endometrium was identified in 26.6% of cycles dated traditionally and 28.1% of cycles dated from the luteinizing hormone surge.

The track has been approved by Hermann Tilke who also had questions and ideas for adjustments.there will be some extremely long straights where cars can reach top speeds and some intricate sections that will be technically difficult.But I think the most interesting aspect is the surroundings – drivers will race right by Christiansborg and Tivoli.“There will be incredibly beautiful surroundings, maybe the most beautiful of all Formula 1 tracks,” Magnussen said.The locations of the finish line and pit lane on the proposed track had not yet been set, Magnussen added.

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