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Please note that there are laws in Texas that prohibit lewd behavior, which would include sexual acts or actions that are lustful or sexual in nature.So, a woman cannot dance topless in Texas, because it is considered more than mere nudity.For example, a court acquitted a defendant when he walked around his house naked and was partially visible from a public street.But, the court suggested that had someone told him that he was visible, then he would have been convicted.

That is, a person who knows he is visible to the public is more likely to be convicted than a person who does not know.And your front lawn is a public place if it is visible from a public street. Most states prohibit lewd or indecent acts if they are visible from a public vantage point.For example, a man in Georgia was convicted for masturbating in front of his window that was visible from a public highway.That is because, by virtue of knowing that others could see him, he would have intended to be in a place that was visible from a public vantage point.In practice, you will not likely be prosecuted for simply being naked in your own house.

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