Ms dhcp not updating dns

Response time of the DNS server is critical to the speed and performance of relying services.

These two blogs have the timeout information and DNS client behavior explained in detail (DNS…

Table 4.7 Common Internal Protocol Option Types When a remote access client obtains an IP address lease from a remote access server, run (for Windows 95) or (for Windows 2000 or Windows NT) to display information about the lease.

Node Type is not taken from the DHCP lease but can change on the remote access client, depending on WINS information.

If the remote access server has no locally defined WINS servers, a b-node remote access client remains a b-node client.

Table 4.8 lists the DHCP option types that Windows-based clients support, which are assigned to the clients through a dial-up network connection with a remote access server.

Table 4.8 DHCP Options Used by Remote Access, Windows-Based, DHCP-Enabled Clients The remote access server proactively obtains an IP address from the DHCP server and builds a cached pool of DHCP leased addresses.

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