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In a series of maps of the world's continents - Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East - the maps highlight the effects of colonisation and cultural imperalism.

According to the map of the Asia-Pacific, the second language of Australia is Mandarin Chinese, reflective of a large Chinese population in the multicultural nation.

Italian is the second language of Libya, and Egypt and Sudan's are both English.

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But in Haiti, where strict cultural norms kept such situations hush-hush in the past, the open declaration in a song played by DJs and climbing the charts on radio marks a new level of desperation, said Michel Joseph, a journalist with Radio Television Caraibes, who has been tracking the phenomenon.

The native Quechua is the second most spoken language in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

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The second language of countries which were ruled under the Soviet Union - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine - remains Russian.

France and Italy hold English as their second language.

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