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Though both the House and Senate bills would lower marginal income tax rates, both contain proposals to eliminate certain deductions.

The Senate bill would eliminate a taxpayer's ability to deduct state income taxes and local property taxes.

Around one-third of Americans have bachelor’s degrees, census figures show.

These days, analysts like Zweig rely on a newer method of sorting out the knotty permutations of class.

Mnuchin said he hoped that House and Senate versions of the bill could pass, go through reconciliation, and be ready to be signed into law by the end of December.

Mnuchin said that lawmakers would 'fine tune' the bills over the next several weeks, and that a tax hike for the middle class is not President Donald Trump's goal.Compare a college-educated social worker who makes ,000 a year and occasionally shops at Whole Foods, enjoys foreign films, and encourages her son to do a gap year in Costa Rica with a high-school-educated plumber who takes home 0,000 and likes eating wings from a local joint.The Pew numbers say they’re both middle-class by dint of their income.Some will insist that class is conferred by family and won’t ever really change.Allison Hurst, born working class and now a sociologist at Oregon State University, identifies as working class, even though her occupation and salary may make her seem upper middle class.

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