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This is the way a scheduling engine is supposed to work.I plan to ensure the New Tasks Created scheduling option is set to Auto Schedule in Microsoft Project 2010's Options setting.However, in order to use the automatic mode, you need to understand the implications of adding resources and dependencies to develop a dynamic schedule.If your goal is to use Microsoft Project as a task list without any date forecasting features, then manual scheduling will be a welcome addition.

For example, if a predecessor task finishes late, Project moves the successor (linked) task to a later date for you.In the automatically scheduled tasks mode, the project engine kicks in and appropriately schedules the tasks based on the dependencies, calendars, and resources assigned to the project.Fans of previous versions of Microsoft Project will recognize the automatic scheduling mode as the familiar way of scheduling tasks in a project schedule.Inexperienced Microsoft Project users often complain about Microsoft Project's sudden date changes when changes are made to resource, duration, or project dates; manual scheduling eliminates these concerns, but the trade-off is the loss of benefits from the scheduling engine.When you're conducting high-level planning, the manual scheduling mode can be combined with the Timeline View in Microsoft Project to create a phase-level view of the project (Figure B).

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