Men dating more than one woman

I’m not here to find out why you want to date multiple women, just to tell you it is entirely possible, provided you follow some guidelines.Date multiple women correctly and you can enjoy a life of variety and freedom, without anyone getting hurt.You won’t remember what lie you’ve told who and will be caught out.When dating multiple women, be as honest as you can be, but learn to dodge and avoid difficult questions.

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When dating multiple women you have to give off a Lover vibe, not a Provider/Boyfriend or Friend vibe (see The Three Types of Men in Her World).

I test the water by dropping hints and watching her reaction. It is important to me we are both enjoying ourselves.

If my hints prompt her to mention not wanting a relationship or that she is dating other guys, then you can BRIEFLY say you understand. By acknowledging she is dating other people, she will understand you are too. The more open and non-judgemental you are, the more likely she is to stick around and have adventurous sex with you.

For example, she asks if you’ve slept with anyone else in the two weeks you’ve known her. Giving a humorous or absurd answer diffuses the tension and demonstrates to her you are not willing to answer the question.

She knows it is highly likely you HAVE slept with someone else, but she is willing to overlook it because you haven’t explicitly told her you have.

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