Mediation speed dating

* SPEED DATING is a way of meeting people of the opposite sex “in bulk”; it’s a staged device for large-scale introductions.

It’s a carnival through which you meander in order to find that one shoe that fits.

There are no individual losses when the wooing framework itself makes losing the most common result.

A speed dater dabbles at dating while skipping over the real risks of courtship.

Sur le principe des speed dating, pour rencontrer l’Amour, Paloma propose aux artistes locaux de rencontrer divers professionnels de la filière musicale pour leur présenter leur projet et bénéficier de leurs conseils bienveillants.

Libre à eux ensuite de leur faire du pied sous la table.

“Last time all the girls were lame.” It’s now possible to separate the wheat from the chaff, the fuckable from the useless.

Speed dating knows its clients’ needs and helps them to manage their most precious commodity: their time.

Beyond offering the spectacle of individuals spread out in some guise of choice, as a sampling for rapid evaluation, speed dating is a machine that secretly digests the succession of rejections to which its participants are subject.

The women remain seated at a table while the men, out of gallantry, move through the room at the sound of a bell.

These , lasting between five and ten minutes, have two rules: don’t exchange numbers and don’t tell anyone whether or not you’d like to see them again.

Because to seduce someone, to win them, you have to know how to lie in wait somewhere he doesn’t know he might find you.

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