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Now, one could say that an expected surge in call volume would be expected during a holiday weekend. However, if you take a moment to Google “cannot get through on Game Stop phone support,” you will find a multitude of threads from various gaming forums where angry customers talk about this specific issue.It seems like, at any given time, Game Stop will keep people on hold for well over 30 minutes — no matter what time of year you call.Game Stop makes it as difficult as possible to reach customer support. There is no way my order could have been packaged and processed — especially since Game Stop explicitly states that it takes one day for order processing. I called four times during Thanksgiving day to reach someone.I did send support a ticket via their app, and on Thanksgiving day I received a reply saying my order could not be stopped. On each call, I was on hold for 70 minutes until I finally hung up each time.

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I tried to explain that I don’t get out often and he couldn’t care less.Game Stop began in 1984 in Dallas, Texas as Babbage’s. The company was kept afloat by Leonard Riggio, of Barnes and Noble. In 1996, the company had 800 total stores and filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.Now I am in the same predicament that hundreds of others have found themselves in.On Thanksgiving Day I ordered a PS4 Pro online from Game Stop.

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