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At four months, she ran out to pick up drugs, leaving her Facebook messages open. Over the months, others tried to convince her, but she refused to abandon what amounted to a dreamy vision of motherhood.

Seeing what she was doing, I locked her out, and when she broke in through a window, I sat her on my couch and set aside the façade. During her pregnancy, I had to be with her at nearly all times.

I pick up my phone and scroll through the contacts. I had wondered if that was the reason First Response includes two. She asked if I would like to make another appointment and I said yes. I couldn’t stand it, so I went to the bathroom to contain myself. I canceled my classes for that semester and drove myself to the appointment.

The first wand slipped right out of my hands and splashed into the toilet. The next day, while he was at work, I gathered up my belongings and moved in with a friend. When the day came, I wasn’t fully aware of what my payment options could be and only had enough to either pay for my fall semester of school or use the money to pay for the abortion.

The experience was almost comical because of my anxiety. It was late at night and I didn’t know where to go, so I drove my car to a space across the sprawling apartment complex, parked, and cried myself to sleep.

We didn’t have a clue where to turn, but luckily my boyfriend learned about a man, Bill Baird, an early abortion advocate (and my hero) who might be able to help.

It was like a covert criminal mission—from the first meeting with Bill in a rundown strip-mall to get the name of a “doctor,” to driving to an underpass in Queens to borrow 0 (a fortune for two college students), followed by driving from our middle-class life on Long Island to Newark into a neighborhood that looked like the last place we’d find ourselves.

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