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The men apply numbing solutions (or occasionally – and I shit you not – or perform only-works-in-porn moves like pulling their cock out and slapping it against his costar’s thigh or vagina in order to dial back the urgent need to come.

Moreover, that extra long fuck isn’t a picnic for the women either.

And if you can’t trust a creepily smiling dude on late night TV, I ask you, who Not surprisingly, a lot of male anxieties revolve around sex and sexual performance.

Masculinity, after all, is defined in no small part by one’s sexual ability and should you fail in that department…

well, shitfire son, you’re just not really a man, are you?

This is especially true when it comes to sexual endurance.

As a result: the vast majority of our education in sex comes from porn. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of porn and the lack of means that we absorb all the wrong lessons from it.

As a result, we watch the marathon boning sessions between Evan Stone and Alannah Rae and assume that we too should be able to hang in as long as the porn stars do. it’s all The prodigious endurance of male porn stars is born out of trickery and chemistry and careful editing to patch over the seams.

The scenes are carefully stitched together to preserve the illusion that it’s all the same session instead of starting and stopping because the lighting needs to be changed or somebody had a muscle cramp or farted or came too early.

To start with: most of the issues that trigger premature ejaculation have to do with , not how incredibly turned on you are.

By desperately trying to distract yourself from how good everything feels, you’re only re-emphasizing just how freaked out you are…

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