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But when you find these people, these kenzoku, they're like priceless gems. This one is easy, at least on paper: become a true friend yourself. No one can deal with another's bursens when one's own are too much. I realized I can only change myself and my own issues--no one else's. If so-called friends (or enemies, acquaintances or lovers)who have hurt you do not care or don't think they need to work on themselves, that's their own sad choice. You have to love yourself." I just couldn't understand them! Here's something I always say: getting help is not a sign of weakness or lack of faith. Only you can bring happiness into your life, despite whatever anyone else does to you, whether it's deception, rejection, manipulation, or plain old meanness...

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I consider myself lucky, because i found my kenzoku... PS: from europe;) I feel so blessed to experience close friendships with six people in my life.

They want to love, to nurture, to make the world a more beautiful place. However, I have a husband and a good number of children and kana.....whatever. This word describe the people’s relationship is an unfair relationship such as a master and slaver and in Japanese this word’s means tend to the servant.

Though kenzoku translated literally means "family" but this family means like lineage, especially distinguished lineage or a locally independent organized crime unit, as of the Cosa Nostra.

In this essay, the author tend to expound the true meaning of friendship, therefore, the “kazoku” is more suitable for my consideration.

The kazoku's kanji is "家族" that means like the essay imply family.

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