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He predicted there would be no cyclones for seven years, and that came true.

"So when he predicted that the world would converge on Tanna for a great event in 2016, they have no reason to doubt it.

New Zealander Andrew Finlay, an aid worker with the charity Tear Fund, which is assisting recovery from the devastation wrought when Cyclone Pam scored a direct hit on Tanna, said: "I was talking to an old man, an elder, who told me the event predicted by Fred would be the arrival of Prince Philip next year.

Mr Finlay, who has just returned to his New Zealand home on leave and has previously lived on Tanna, told The Telegraph: "Prophet Fred, as he was known, died a few years ago.

He was highly respected and several of his predictions came true over the years.

"He predicted a large lake around the volcano would drain, and it did.

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A warrior named Chief Jack Naiva, who died in 2009, was one of the paddlers of a war canoe that greeted the royal yacht Britannia at the nation's capital, Port Vila.If you are looking to crew, then why not post your dream trip. The reason is simply that I have found someone and it would not be fair to continue as a member when one is in a relationship.And if you are wondering where, then yes we met via Lovesail.. Discovered in 1774 by Captain James Cook, in 1906 the islands became the New Hebrides, a curious colonial hybrid jointly administered by Britain and France until independence in 1980.It is highly unlikely Prince Philip, at the age of 93, is contemplating a trip to Vanuatu next year.

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