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I am here that I'd found a home in the Infinite Universe called WOMAN!I am seeking a Rare Bird that will fly my sky,the Sun in the East, Moonlight when the darkest - the Star in the crack of dawn!!! is a member of NATO and the World Trade Organisation.Croatia is bordered to the north by Slovenia, which just about manages to separate it from Italy and the Italian port of Trieste, and by Hungary.

Naturists are also welcome here – there’s a wealth of resorts and spas which have no problem with the assorted shapes of naked humanity.

The country also produces some pretty good wines, so a tour of vineyards could well be on the agenda. Whites are all the rage in the northeast while, further south in Dalmatia, a few varieties of excellent red can be sipped as you gaze across the azure sea.

Yes, important stuff – and here you’ll definitely be amazed at the variety and the quality: there’s something for everyone.

In the 15th century, the country came under Ottoman rule, until 1527 when it became allied to the House of Habsburg.

Croatia has witnessed a succession of changing fortunes, including being ruled by the Austrian Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, joining a union of Slovenes and Serbs, and, during World War Two, gaining independence although being administered by the Nazis, who committed genocide against Serbs, Roma, and Jews.

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